It is always better to know your photographer before you book him.

Few Facts about me :

Name: Siva Kumar

Active Photography Experience : 7 Years

Professional Photography Experience : 5 Years

Now the question is why am I in photography. Well It was my passion for the photography since 2007 which drove me to consider it as my profession. This means that I enjoy photography to the extreme

and that is how i can keep shooting day in and day out. I simply love photography. I always keep researching for new ways and means to improve the quality of final outcome. I am never satisfied with my

photos but my customers are always satisfied with the pictures.

Recently a year back I have developed interest in cinematography as well. I am still working to perfect it .

The Team :-

We are a team of 6 people with experience in Photography and Videography averaging 5+ years.

The Equipments : -

1.We use the following Cameras :

2.Canon 5D MK III with Canon EF 24-70mm F/2.8 and 50mm F/1.4 and 16-35 F/2.8

3.Canon 6D with Canon 135mm F/2.0

4.Canon 5D MK II with Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 and Canon 70-200mm F/2.8

5.Video-NX5 and Sony 200

6.FlyFlims and Slider and Monopod

The Lighting Setup : -

For the conventional photography we would be using 4 to 6 Studio Lights Setup depending on the requirements. For videography we would be using a combination of Halogen Lamps.

For the candid photography its all the available light I depend on however sometimes I do use a combination of TTL Controlled Flash Lights as the situation demands. Wherever possible, I try to use the Monopod or Tripod instead of using Image Stabilization in the Lenses which results in Blurred images sometimes because it needs a little time to stabilize the image.