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DS Photography lead by Siva Kumar offers you world class Creative Photography services at affordable rates. We shoot plenty of pictures full of creative and candid shots. We shoot available light photos as well as photos with advanced lighting setup consisting of soft boxes and umbrellas.

We also offer you services like videography, web-casting and cinematography. We are a team of six creative photographers and videographers. Cinematography is done by me personally. I personally carry along Two DSLR Cameras for HD Cinematographic Video Clips. I will mostly be shooting Creativeand Candid Photos and Video Clips.

When it comes to Hindu Wedding, we always try to flow with the event and mostly we do not ask you to pose for the picture or video. We ensure the arrangement of lighting in such a way that it does not disturb you or your guests. We use defused CFL and LED lights for video to assure your comfort. We also take into account the quality of electrical wires and plugs to ensure the safety. All the sockets are individually fused. We get you highest possible quality of pictures of your wedding, reception and engagements.

• Hindu Wedding : Normally we shoot 2000 to 5000 pictures in Hindu Weddings which depends on the duration and size of the events.

• Christian / Church Wedding : Normally in a church wedding and reception we shoot more than 2000 pictures with a lot of candid pictures. 90% of Church wedding would be under available light and only 10% of the pictures would utilize set of flash lights to fill the area.

• Islamic / Muslim Wedding : Because of individual restrictions and limitations by the clients and the guests the number of pictures could be anywhere between 1000 and 3000 or even more. We always expect our clients to narrate the limitations if any in advance so that we would not disturb the flow of the events unknowingly.

Delivered what we Committed95%

Delivered On Time96%

Better than Client's Exprectation96.5%

Value for Money99%

Over All Quality98%

Over All Satisfaction Level93%

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Director of Photography | Lead Candid Photographer

Mr.Siva Kumar , Being a photophil became a self taught photographer from the temple City (Madurai).
Siva, Is with decade of experience which turned as a successful creator by reading customer's mindset and needs with high-level of satisfaction.
He captured many unique and right moments from new born child to the Adults of their all occasions. He excels in capturing wedding & other cultural ceremonies like kids photography, newborn photography, candid photography and videos. His works were recognized & rewarded with high level of customer satisfaction with frequent turnaround. In his total such years of field experience he travelled with patience in & around the state to capture the right moments of new born which are being a memorable portray of their life time.










Interior Design

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Aims and Objectives


We Capture Emotions and Happiness. That's Why We're Called Best Candid Photographers in Madurai
Who is the one who have deeper attention to detail and capture the minute of moments? It is none other than the candid photographer. Event happens, and with it, memories are created. And, photographers are those who capture everything in frames.

Every experienced destination wedding photographer or candid wedding photographer know that there are moments and viewpoints where so many things fall into place, that they become special and/or typical. Being behind the camera, it is our responsibility to frame the places, events, and people that are important, beautiful, or special.

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