6 month milestones baby Photography in Virudhunagar

There is something beautiful about the 6 month milestone. Babies are at their most innocent yet on the verge of mischief.  Think Puss in Boots from Shrek with his adorable big eyes just before he pulls out his sword!  6 month olds are just the same, big innocent eyes, only instead of a sword they will pull your hair! We loved  Just look at those big eyes…and watch your hair!

S i x months… of you smiling with the brightest gummy grin while your body does the happiest wiggle. You’re back scoochin’ around, starting to roll, and always pulling those tiny slobbery fists towards your mouth. We’re are all absolutely obsessed with you, baby girl!

6 months. 183 days. 26 weeks. 1/2 year.

She is a champ at rolling from her back to her front, but still doesn’t seem to want to roll from front to back. She has done it a handful of times, but still gets stuck and then pissed off when she can’t figure out how to roll on her own. She just sat up on her own for the first time today! Still very wobbly, but it’s cool to see her getting stronger every day.

Baby Photographers In Virudhunagar

6 month milestones baby Photography in Virudhunagar

you are half way through
To one year my sweet pie
So spread that innocent smile of yours
To spark up our lives as you do
May you stay blessed with everything
And soon you will turn one too

Baby Photography In Virudhunagar

I do not believe that 182.5 days are already over-My little one is now six months old

A happy baby makes for photos that look naturally beautiful, candid, and full of life. Try to get the baby to laugh while you click away, through gimmicks, toys, rattles, and more. Get the baby laughing, and you will have a photo the parents will love more than a sleeping baby one. Their eyes express their innocent laughter even better, so make sure you find the golden shot.

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