Brahmins Wedding in Tirunelveli Swaminathan and Gunavathi Wedding

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The absolute moment of togetherness💕…

Amazing Brahmins Wedding celebrations across India are well-known for its vibrancy and flamboyancy. In the Southern Region of India, the Tamil Iyer caste celebrate their marriage ceremony typically over 2-3 days with a diversity of rituals. The Indian wedding attire is also renowned for its vivid colours, and it’s the same at Tamil Iyer weddings – with the male usually bare-chested and a dhoti, and the females adorned with gorgeous colourful sarees. We at Eventree have conducted destination weddings to celebrate this culture of marriage, and have learnt a thing or two (and more!) about the rites that are conducted for a typical Tamil Iyer Wedding, further described to you below. 🙂-Amazing Brahmins Wedding


Amazing Brahmins Wedding in Tirunelveli .. The rituals commence first on the wedding day. In the early morning hours before the function, prayers are provided to the ancestors and the family seeks God’s blessings for this auspicious day. A holy thread is tied on the couple’s wrists, usually its Yellow in Colour, and they have nine assortments of grains showered on them for good fortune.

Nichayathartham (Engagement Ceremony)

Amazing Brahmins Wedding The bride’s family welcomes the groom into their family, with turmeric, betel leaves, nuts and clothes – to further note the bride’s brother places a floral garland around the groom’s neck. Accompanied by this an “Aarthi

She was nothing but sheer elegance ✨

Amazing Brahmins Wedding Being a bride, the wedding is definitely a big day for you. And when you are deciding upon your look, each and every aspect matters – starting from choosing your dress to doing the make-up. Remember, you are the queen of that day!! So, being a special woman calls for looking gorgeous and bright amongst…

Parents Love:Wedding Photography in Tirunelveli

Amazing Brahmins Wedding in Tirunelveli.. http://Amazing Brahmins Wedding in Tirunelveli One of the most Emotional Journey every woman goes through her life. Leaving behind her Parents , her Family , her loved ones to start a new life with her Husband and his Family.

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While the families of the groom take the excruciating pain by sending their beloved and most precious daughters away forever, for some families of the bridegroom, it means nothing more than a well renowned tradition that is supposed to be followed at a certain point of time.

Janavasam/”Maapillai Azhaippu is extraordinary… groom is enjoying*”

The marriage function is incomplete without the bride or groom, and this custom is the entrance of the groom! where the groom is provided with his attire – a dhoti and shirt – for the following ceremonial rite.

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Kannika/Kanya Dhanam

The bride sits on her Father’s lap for this ceremonial rite, and her hands are lifted to the groom, filled with auspicious nuts and leaves. both the husband and wife to face the journey of married life together.

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Mangalyadharanam –

A commonly known ceremonial ritual, the ‘Mangal Sutra’ or the golden necklace is tied around the bride’s neck at a prior fixed auspicious time, in which three knots are tied; the first by the groom, and the latter two by the groom’s sister in welcoming once again the bride to their family.

Amazing Brahmins Wedding in Tirunelveli.. Amazing Brahmins Wedding Photography
Brahmins Wedding photography in Tirunelveli

We make memories for lifetime.”
Embarrassing eachother makes the evening more magical !

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🌟Majestic Breath of Love🌟