1st Cake Smash Photography

birthday photography in madurai

1st Cake Smash photography is now trending in Tamil culture. Parents would use the images from the session for the birthday child’s party invites. This meant the session often took place a month or so before their actual birthday.  I find most of my parents like to book their little one’s session on or around their birthday.

birthday photography in madurai
cake smash photography

Twinkle, twinkle little star, a year one old is what you are!

Cake Smash sessions are geared towards your child having fun! Some people are put off by the idea of a child smashing a cake but honestly, it’s not cheesy or tacky, I just think of it as messy play.

For me it’s always interesting to see the way children react differently. 🙂 I will also say most parents are surprised at how little cake is actually eaten.

To someone entirely unfamiliar with the concept, the idea of a cake smash photography may seem weird, to say the least. After all, why would you order a beautiful cake, dress up a 12-month old…and then take numerous photos of the child destroying the sweet delicacy, getting all messy?

Stage one is where your one year old gets to have some fun images in the studio before they’re all covered in cake. Bring a change of outfit if you want!

cake smash photography in madurai
cake smash photography

Stage two is where we introduce the cake, and most 1-year-olds can’t quite believe their luck! If you have a child that doesn’t eat cake or indeed the idea of them eating cake doesn’t appeal, what about a foot painting or hand painting session, another fun way to celebrate but without the sugar!

Stage three is bath time, yes in the studio! They can have a good splash and get clean, I found that baby wipes just weren’t man enough for the job and wanted to incorporate the fun they had in the bath in the shoot.

Stage four is the stage where you get to go home with your exhausted, clean 1-year-old. and I tidy up!

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with this infant.”

However, the fact is solid: cake smashes are getting increasingly popular, bringing families together in a unique, fun, and memorable way.

cake smash photography in madurai
cake smash photography in madurai

If you asked me the most fun I have at a photo session it would be a Cake Smash!  First of all, the First Birthday Cake Smash marks a big milestone in a baby’s life!  In some ways that the first year goes by quickly and at other times parents can say the days and nights dragged on forever (at least the sleepless ones!).  The arrival of the First Birthday is filled with excitement and joy!  I love getting to spend time with a one-year-old because at this age the true personalities are starting to show!

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”

cake smash photography in madurai
cake smash photography in Madurai

At the First Birthday Cake Smash, we always start with traditional portraits.  I believe in having that perfect portrait of this age which really shows how much they have changed and how far they have come from birth to One Year old!  After the portraits come to the mess!  We save the cake smash for the second half of the session and there is always laughter and sometimes tears (tears from the laughter!).  It doesn’t matter how many cakes smashes I do they always crack me up!  There is nothing funnier than watching a babyface plant into a cake!

I love creating personalized cake smash themes.  Contact me and we can arrange a beautiful theme for your little one’s birthday cake smash & smash photo session.

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