Adorable kids Photography in Paramakudi

Adorable kids Photography in Paramakudi. Welcoming a new baby home is an amazing feeling. Why not capture those early days with some commemorative photos? Our newborn sessions are done in studio. We’ll focus not only on your baby, but the whole family too! In addition, baby can be awake or asleep, whatever works best. You can also contact us with any questions and to book your newborn session.

Adorable kids Photography in Paramakudi

The Smile of a child is the best peaceful scene for everyone.❤

We are loving are end of the season and fall photoshoots! The weather has been decent and the locations have been beautiful. We are having so much fun with our families and making amazing memories too! We offer on location or in studio photography. If you would like to get on the fall train, contact us to set up a photo session. Ask if we have any fall mini sessions available too!

Adorable kids Photography in Sivagangai

Every inch of sweetness

Great outdoor locations include the beach, woodland, or an open field. You could also shoot in urban environments, using buildings to add detail to the background. Even a deserted parking lot or an overgrown patch of land can make an interesting backdrop. When choosing a location, consider how the surroundings might add to the storytelling element of your photo. You also want the color of the background to complement the subject. This means you might need to think about the color of your subject’s clothing. For instance, if you’re shooting against a green field or trees, you can make your subject pop by dressing them in a contrasting color such as red.

Baby Photography in Paramakudi

Babies are angels, who come straight from heaven

Make sure the child is positioned in a pocket of light that’s being diffused by the foliage or trees above. (You don’t want the child in dark shadow.) I call this the “spotlight technique.” And it’s perfect for illuminating your subject in the middle of the day .Just be careful that the shadows from the dappled light don’t fall on the child’s face or head.

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Props are a wonderful tool for improving your children photography. They add visual interest to your photos. They help you tell a story. And they keep older babies and children entertained during the photo shoot

Be as sparkly as this bubs eyes and as beautiful as his smile. 

Adorable kids Photography in Paramakudi

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