Newborn Photogrpahy In Madurai

How Doing a Newborn Baby Photo Shoot

Capturing your baby growing up as he or she progresses from week to week and month to month can be a very rewarding experience. It gives you a lifetime of memories which you can look over at your leisure over the years. The early days of caring for a baby are challenging and many parents lack the energy and time to appreciate each day of their lives. This is why newborn photo shoots are ideal to keep a record of those early months. Here are some of the different time frames in which you can arrange newborn photo shoots:

0 – 2 Weeks: For newborn photo shoots, photographers prefer to take pictures of the first few days of a baby’s life up to two weeks of age. This is because a baby starts to rapidly grow and does not retain the newborn appearance from their second week. Newborns are tiny, have beautiful little wrinkles that fill out rapidly, and tend to adopt the fetal position comfortably during the first two weeks. This is a unique time that does not last long and gives the photographer ample opportunity to take artistic photos of the newborn. During this phase, your baby will sleep more soundly and can be comfortably positioned to capture beautiful images.

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10 Day’s Newborn Shoot

2 Weeks to 2 Months: It is possible that due to health reasons or for personal comfort, it is not possible or desirable to take baby pictures during the first two weeks. You can opt to have your baby photographed after 2 weeks. From the second week onwards and during the weeks that follow, the baby will spend more time awake and will have lost the wrinkled appearance that newborns possess. You will be able to capture wide-open eyes, smiles, and can prop up your baby to assume a comfortable leaning or sitting position with props and accessories.

Newborn Photogrpahy In Madurai
1 Month Newborn Shoot

3 Months to 6 Months: As your baby becomes more capable of slight movement and
steady postures, you can take pictures of your baby playing with toys, props, and in his/her crib. Babies start to sit up starting from the 4th month and depending on how quickly they learn to assume different postures, you can take baby photo shoots of your child sitting up, playing, or moving around the house. Some children start crawling from the 6th month and it is an exciting new phase to celebrate with a photo shoot.

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6 Month Kids Photography

There are many different time frames in which a newborn or an infant photo shoot can be carried out. Always have a discussion with your photographer ahead of time to learn what may be the best option for you. We, at DS Photography , assure you the best and most comfortable maternity photo shoot and baby photo shoot that you can cherish forever.

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