Shubha Muhurtham Dates For 2021 Madurai

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Shubha Muhurtham Dates For 2021 Madurai

As Per Tamil Calendar

2020 has been an unfortunate year for a lot of reasons and If you happen to be one of those couples who were all set to tie the knot this year, then it has been even more unfortunate for you. However, there is a silver lining to this situation too as now you can sit back and simply get hitched in 2021. Not only are you getting more time to plan things but now you get sort of an extra courtship period with your partner. So, to get you in the celebration vibe, we have just found the wedding dates for 2021 as per the Tamil Calendar and there are a plethora of dates available in almost all the months! 

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Shubha Muhurtham Dates For 2021 Madurai

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For January 2021

For January, we are seeing that the Tamil Muhurtham dates begin from the second half of the month, right after the Pongal festival.  

  • 17th January 2021 (Sunday)                                                         
  • 18th January 2021 (Monday)                                                         
  • 25th January 2021 (Monday)                                                     
  • 27th January 2021 (Wednesday)                                                      

The wedding season is started by the Tamil month of Thai.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For February 2021

February is filled with wedding dates according to the Tamil calendar. If you don’t want to get hitched in the first month but don’t even want to wait for long, we suggest these dates can work out for you. 

  • 1st February 2021 (Monday)                                                         
  • 3rd February 2021 (Wednesday)
  • 4th February 2021 (Thursday)
  • 8th February 2021 (Monday)
  • 15th February 2021 (Monday)
  • 22nd February 2021 (Monday)
  • 24th February 2021 (Wednesday)
  • 25th February 2021 (Thursday)

OMG! A quarter of the month is a Muhurham day!! Though all of it is on weekdays all you need is perfect planning to rock it and for that you have Wedmegood.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For March 2021

After a busy February, March consists of lesser dates. However, on weekdays Muhurthan continues. Go for early morning marriages and you can stretch the celebrations and hullabaloo up till the weekend.

  • 3rd March 2021 (Wednesday)                                                              
  • 10th March 2021 (Wednesday)                                                          
  • 11th March 2021 (Thursday)                                                           
  • 15th March 2021 (Monday)                                                             
  • 24th March 2021 (Wednesday)    

After a hectic Feb, March has considerably lesser Muhurtham days. Still the weekdays Muhurthams continue.

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Wedding Dates For march 2021 Madurai

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For April 2021

April marks the beginning of Summer and this time also happens to be the month with the least number of muhurtham dates. So, if you want a not so common wedding date then this is the month for you! 

  • 25th April 2021 (Sunday)                                                            
  • 29th April 2021 (Thursday)     
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Shubha Muhurtham Dates For May 2021

May means that Summer is officially here and so are those long weekends.Summer weddings at its best with so many weekend and near weekend Muhurthams!! Make the most of it!

  • 9th May 2021 (Sunday)                                                                  
  • 14th May 2021 (Friday)                                                                
  • 17th May 2021 (Monday)                                                               
  • 23rd May 2021 (Sunday)                                                          
  • 24th May 2021 (Monday)                                                               
  • 28th May 2021 (Friday)           

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For June 2021

Gear up people. June ‘21 is super hectic in terms of wedding dates according to the Tamil Calendar; especially if we talk about the first half of June. This is a great time to get married as the monsoons will be far but not too far! 

  • 4th June 2021 (Friday)                                                               
  • 6th June 2021 (Sunday)                                                            
  • 13th June 2021 (Sunday)                                                             
  • 14th June 2021 (Monday)                                                               
  • 16th June 2021 (Wednesday)                                                                  
  • 18th June 2021 (Friday)                                                              
  • 21st June 2021 (Monday)                                                                
  • 27th June 2021 (Sunday)                                                             
  • 28th June 2021 (Monday)   

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For July 2021

Though Aadi month starts post 116th July, the first half of the month has five Muhurthams. After this the wedding season takes a one month break.  A pro tip- If your wedding is in Sept/Oct we suggest you to buy your wedding saree on one of these auspicious days to avoid the distress later as you know, you cannot shop for your wedding saree during Aadi.

  • 1st July 2021 (Thursday)                                                                
  • 4th July 2021 (Sunday)                                                             
  • 7th July 2021 (Wednesday)                                                               
  • 15th July 2021 (Thursday)                                                               
  • 16th July 2021 (Friday)        

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For August 2021

Wedding season starts from the 3rd week of August .which are of the end August so you’ll have plenty of time in between to finish off those last-minute wedding preps! 

  • 20th August 2021 (Friday)                                                          
  • 26th August 2021 (Thursday)                                                         
  • 27th August 2021 (Friday)    

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For September 2021

September is another month when you’re gonna have numerous options when we talk about wedding dates.

  • 3rd September 2021 (Friday)                                                   
  • 8th September 2021 (Wednesday)                                               
  • 9th September 2021 (Thursday)                                                    
  • 10th September 2021 (Friday)                                                   
  • 16th September 2021 (Thursday)                                                
  • 23rd September 2021 (Thursday)                                               
  • 24th September 2021 (Friday)                                                 
  • 27th September 2021 (Monday)      

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For October 2021

With Navrathri and five Muhurtham days October looks to be quite full!! And you’re in luck cuz October has tons of wedding dates as per the Tamil Calendar! 

  • 8th October 2021 (Friday)                                                          
  • 17th October 2021 (Sunday)                                                 
  • 24th October 2021 (Sunday)                                                       
  • 25th October 2021 (Monday)   
  • 28th October 2021 (Thursday)   

Always bear in mind about the rains in October.

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For November 2021

Guys eight Muhurtham days, Diwali in between, wedding cocktail parties and Diwali parties OMG!! Like we always stress festive months need planning to the max.

  • 8th November 2021 (Monday)                                                      
  • 10th November 2021 (Wednesday)                                                
  • 15th November 2021 (Monday)                                                   
  • 21st November 2021 (Sunday)                                                    
  • 22nd November 2021 (Monday)                                                   
  • 24th November 2021 (Wednesday)                                                   
  • 25th November 2021 (Thursday)                                                   
  • 29th November 2021 (Monday)       

Shubha Muhurtham Dates For December 2021

And finally, we come to the last month of the 2021’s wedding dates. These are for those of you who want to be super sure about the pandemic situation 

  • 2nd December 2021 (Thursday)                                                      
  • 8th December 2021 (Wednesday)                                                      
  • 9th December 2021 (Thursday)                                                      
  • 10th December 2021 ( Friday)                                                   
  • 13th December 2021 ( Monday)     

If you are a winter wedding person, after the Diwali rush, choose from one of these five Muhurthams for your special day.

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